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Our newest clients are Vest Music Group, Hunter Morse and Lexi Jordan Atkins

We just released a new single on Hunter (8/15/18) "Outlaw Music Man" on Vest Music Group. His new album will be available on iTunes 8/20/18.

Lexi's new single "Shotgun" drops 8/20/18!



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Buddy Hyatt
Music City Trax
Vest Music Group
Hunter Morse
Lexi Jordan Atkins


Rachel Stacy, "Boomerang" (Produced by Dan Mitchell and Sean Gasaway Written by Dan Mitchell, Sean Gasaway and George Cumbest)  

#1 New Music Weekly (Main Chart), #1 New Music Weekly (Indie Chart), #1 Indie World Country, #1 Renegade Radio Nashville, #30 Music Row Magazine